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Exhibit 13

Pelican Hill Road

Irvine Coast Land Use Plan Amendment



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Notes on Maps
and Text Exhibits

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[Map 1]

Pelican Hill Road/Newport Coast Drive OVERVIEW

[Maps 2A & 2B]

Proposed Pelican Hill Road Alignment

[Map 3]

Road shown going from Pacific Coast Highway to MacArthur Boulevard

[Map 4]

The Irvine Company grand opening of Newport Coast Drive

[Map 5]

Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA)/Coastal Commission approval of realignment of Ford Rd.

[Letter 5B-1 & 5B-2]

[Letter 5C-1–5C-3]

A.G. asking for the CCC approval of TCA putting a Toll on Newport Coast Drive

[Map 6]

Thomas map showing how the 73 toll road has consumed Newport Coast Drive, tolls fraudulently collected daily

[Map 7]

The EIR graphically shows that a toll booth will be placed at the intersection with Newport Coast Drive (using the old name Pelican Hills Rd.)



[FNCD 1]

December 19, 1980 City Of Newport Beach Transportation Plan Citizens Advisory Committee

[FNCD 2]

May 19, 1987 Draft Environmental Report For Pelican Hill Road Irvine Coast

[FNCD 3]

Cover letter from A.G.’s Office regarding my request for a TCA Exhibit

[FNCD 4]

San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor Agency Ramp Transaction Summary, received from the TCA July 27, 2012

[FNCD 5]

Cover letter from A.G.’s Office. This is TCA exhibit 7

[FNCD 6]

January 7, 1994 Gilbert W. Ferguson Assemblyman Seventh District, Newport Beach. regarding his Opinion request.

[FNCD 7]

March 17, 2012 letter to the honorable Dr. Charles Lester, Executive Director, California Coastal Commission

[FNCD 8]

December 9, 1993. Gilbert W. Ferguson, Assemblyman Seventh District, Newport Beach—his first request for an A.G. Opinion

[FNCD 9]

5/13/93 approved, California Coastal Commission: “Revised Proposed Findings”

[FNCD 10]

December 20,1993 from Newport Beach Council Member for Corona Del Mar, writes to the Honorable Dan Lungren, Attorney General

[FNCD 11]

California Coastal Commission letter April 27, 2012

[FNCD 12]

6/26/92—TCA/LSA Associates, Inc.: Irvine Coast CDP (Coastal Development Permit) findings

[FNCD 13]

A.G. Conflicts-of-interest

[FNCD 14]

Capitol Weekly: “The California Coastal Commission—Unrepentant Sinners”

[FNCD 15]

State of California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General: Legal Opinions & Quo Warranto

[FNCD 16]

March 3, 2009 letter from the A.G.’s Office

[FNCD 17]


[FNCD 18]

Letter to Department of Justice, December 4, 2012—still looking for the missing A.G. Maiser report

[FNCD 19]

Orange County Resolution, NO. 82-598 Transportation Corridors Development Policy

[FNCD 20]

Newport Coast Local Coastal Program, Second Amendment, December 3, 1996

[FNCD 21]

Annexation and Development Agreement between the City of Newport Beach and The Irvine Company, 11-08-2001

[FNCD 22]

California Coastal Commission, August 18, 1995—Mr. Charles Damm, District Director, from the San Diego office

[FNCD 23]

October 15, 1985. Resolution of The Board Of Supervisors of Orange County, California, Resolution No. 85-1477, Major Thoroughfare and Bridge Fee Program

[FNCD 24]

April 20, 1988. Resolution of the Board of Supervisors, Orange County, No. 88-537

[FNCD 25]

April 20, 1988. Resolution of the Board of Supervisors Orange County, Resolution No. 88-538

SECTION II, page 6




The latest work up letter regarding the CCC. San Diego Office fraudulent Fix Letter. above dated, February 3, 1994 . Giving the history of the California Coastal Commission, San Diego Office, Intentional deception. was mailed to the New Director of the, C C C. The Honorable, Dr. Charles Lester, dated March 17, 2012 [ FNCD 7 ] [still waiting for his reply] At page 2. showing four Documents: A,B,C,and,D. with Mr, Damm's name/ our the main, Long Beach office, where he was Director. Showing at page's 4 to 8 twenty call-outs "direct ties" in Orange County resolutions, and LCP call-outs, for Pelican Hill Road / Newport Coast Drive by-pass mitigation.

At [ NCD 23 ] there are Eighty five pages of County of Orange Special Interrogatories. Resolutions showing, "direct ties"). NOTE, these, later dated, Resolutions by the Orange County Board of Supervisors, negate and "amend" earlier dated: Resolutions. And now Document by their newer date's, the Plan's. Regarding Pelican Hill / Newport Coast Drive. As a free By-Pass traffic mitigation road, In Orange County, and also California Coastal Commission. Local Coastal Plan LCP document's. As referred to in each specific, individual Resolution call out.

Again, after the Irvine Coast Development Agreement of June 9, 1988 was signed by all parties, it can not be amended with out LCP open public amending mitigation hearings.

Here is an example . [ NCD 13 ] From the CCC. from: Mr. Chuck Damm. to "Commissioners and interested persons" --Subject: " County of Orange Irvine coast segment Local Coastal Program(LCP) land use plan amendment".

Page 22. At 3.) " Pelican Hill Road, in particular, Provides regional Traffic Benefits in Excess of Project Needs." LCP calling out map see (exhibit 13) Page 23 LCP and County. Page 36-37 Pelican Hills RD. and Page. 45 " From 1987 LCP Development. [ exhibit 13 at [ NCD 4 ] page 23

[ NCD 20 ] Also calls out another This Linking of the developer, to build a traffic mitigation road outside the Coastal zone, to receive a certificate to build inside the Coastal zone, by the County and California Coastal Commission. Is another direct, legal tie for mitigation, done outside the actually LCP Boundary line.

Why the A. G. Office and the CCC. Office stand behind this incorrect fraudulent, MR. Damm letter, at this late date is not understandable. This is the A. G. only CCC. support for nullifying the California Coastal Act, LCP. regarding a By-Pass Road which is in fact partly out side the actual Coastal Zone. As built and given by the developer TIC [ NCD 4 ] As off site LCP traffic mitigation, For his Newport Coast development of : homes and commercial buildings, which is partially in the Coastal zone and partially out side the Coastal zone, at its signing date. June, 1988. This CCC. letter is based on a single "Staff Person" as the agencies’ "fix" to this $49,672,107.00. continuing daily toll fraud taking from the Public, and increasing daily.

I believe there's a lot more trickery here yet to be opened in a Court of Law. With your Financial Help. For paying our Lawyer In opening the doors to a Federal Court House, of Law in returning full free use of the By-pass Road, as the LCP Finding's state in words and show in the finding's call out Map's .

Additional this false "not in the Coastal Zone Agreement put forward by the TCA. The Irvine Company, Contract with the County of Orange, regarding their "IRREVOCABLE OFFER OF DEDICATION" State clearly there is off site Coastal Zone implications, if they’re denied from building in the Coastal Zone. [ NCD 5A ] at page 13. Regarding land title for Pelican Hills RD. and the out of Coastal Zone, Road Corridor. "County's power to accept this offer and the conveyance of title shall be automatically suspended if offerer is prevented from developing its coastal development under the Irvine Coast Local Coastal Program" They clearly gave these road right of way's in and out side the Coastal Zone as Coastal Zone unseparated, in zones, for Traffic Mitigation's. As excepted by the CCC. and OC.


…continued in


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